The core objective of the brand was to recycle these dropped leads with an online engagement marketing program. They had business logic in place catering content and engagement strategy engagement marketing program.

1. Indian Government Offices 

 A) President Of India 

 B) Parliament composed of Rajya Sabha (Council of States) and the Lok-Sabha (House of the People) OR

 C) Prime Minister of India

 D) Government of India Ministries and Departments

 E) Supreme Court of India (Description of Court, its Remits and Functions, Judges, Calender, and Causelist etc) 

 2. Indian Anticorruption and Supervisory Body 

 A) Central Vigilance Commision (CVC) 

 B) Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) 

 C) Indian Investigating/Intelligence Agencies/Organization 

 D) Directorate of Public Grievances (Grievances releted to any Dept of Central Govt.) 

 E) Central Bureau of Narcotics 

 3. Banks and Insurance Companies 

 A) Bank and Insurance Companies

 B) Life Insurance Corporation of India (LIC) 

 D) Companies Encorporated with Life Insurance 

 4. Others 

 A) Passport Office

 B) Directory Of Government Of India 

 D) National Legal Service Authority 

 E) India Code 

 F) National Human Rights Commission 

 G) IncomeTax Office OR 

 H) Depositary Companies OR 

 I) Information Related to Copyrights 

 J) Information Related to Petant

 K) Supreme Court Judgements