Across India, individuals face grave threats of having their human rights violated and abused. We work to stand up for their rights and to ensure that justice and accountability are delivered. We work for the rights of Individuals at Risk by lobbying state authorities, advocating with lawmakers, the police, and other authorities, and through public campaigns. We create case files for individual persons, groups of people, or entire communities, and mobilize our supporters to take action on their behalf.

Who are Individuals at Risk?

The term Individuals at Risk cover a range of people, including prisoners of conscience, persons subjected to enforced disappearances, prisoners facing torture or other ill-treatment, individuals facing unfair trials or the death penalty, communities threatened by forced evictions, human rights defenders attacked for their work and NGOs prevented from carrying out legitimate activities.

Glossary of TermsPrisoners of Conscience: 

Individuals who have not used or advocated violence, and have been detained solely because of their political, religious, or other beliefs; or, ethnic or national origin, gender or sexual orientation, or any other status.

Unfair Trials:

 Individuals who have been detained and subjected to a legal process that does not meet international fair trial standards, including not allowing the accused information on the charges, access to legal representation of their choosing, the right to be present at their own trial, and the right to be tried before an independent and impartial court.

Human Rights Defenders: 

Individuals who promote and protect their own rights and the rights of others by non-violent means.Enforced Disappearances: When there are reasonable grounds to believe that an individual has been apprehended by government authorities, yet the government refuses to acknowledge this or conceals information about the individual, thus placing the individual outside the protection of the law.

Torture and Other Ill-treatment: 

Any act conducted or authorized in an official capacity that is intended to inflict severe pain or suffering, either physical or mental, on an individual. The purpose is often to gain information, obtain a confession, punish, intimidate, or threaten.

Death Penalty:

 State-imposed death as punishment for a crime, following a judicial process in a recognized court. Individuals on death row face the ultimate cruel, inhumane, and degrading punishment given by governments. We oppose the death penalty in all cases.