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Guidance For Creation of New Socity/Trust/NGO's/Helpline Click the headings below for Details of Grants...

 01. Old Age Projects 

02. Welfare of Persons with Disabilities 

03. Health Programmes 

04. Art & Culture Programme 

05. Scheme for Handicraft 

06. Research and Development 

07. Electronics 

08. Special Projects 

09. Other Projects for Backward Class 

10. Minority Welfare prjects 

11. EducationWelfare Programme 

12. Women Related Training Programme 

13. Project for Women in Distress 

14. Youth Related Projects 

15. SC/ST. Related Projects 

16. Food Processing Unit grant 100% 

17. Medicinal Plants 

18. Tribal Welfare Programme 

19. Agriculture& Rural Development 

20. Women and Agriculture 

21. Horticulture 

22. Road Safety Awarness Programme 

23. Non conventional energy Sources 

24. Animal Welfare Programme 

25. Labour Welfare Programme 

26. Complete List of Project