Red Alert only for FHRAC members

1. Without police verification, a candidate is not nominated as a member of FHRAC

2. FHRAC Members are not authorized to issue any kind of letters to any department without consent and written permission of the Founder President, FHRAC. FHRAC will not be responsible for any such behavior and will take strict action against anybody found guilty.

3. Membership: FHRAC Members are not authorized to nominate any member on their own. They can only provide recommendations to the Founder President, FHRAC. FHRAC will not be responsible for any members nominated without the written consent of the Founder President and their membership is invalid. Strict legal action will be taken against such people. A person having an ID Card with no hologram and bar code or fake hologram and bar code is not a member of FHRAC.

4. All are independent bodies of the FHRAC Controlled by the Founder President.

5. Will keep good vigilance on the day-to-day transaction the expenditure done by the members of the FHRAC & will submit reports.

6. Will have the power to cancel the membership if got any serious complaint and will set up an inquiry committee with the related issue.

7. To take up effective, reasonable, and lawful steps from the headquarter of Founder President.

8. To ensure the development of the FHRAC & the members so as to establish a better understanding of coordinating and unity amongst all members.

9. To nominate and cancellation authority to any nominated post by the authority of Founder President.

10. All the correspondence of FHRAC working should be done on papers in writing. Any letter written by any member of IHRA should have approval from the corresponding State Chairman, Zonal Chairman, or the Founder President.

11. It is to be noted that what so ever the account opened in the International, National, State, districts, will be in jointly with the Founder President with the Chairman of the respected areas.

12. All members of FHRAC have the power to take donations for FHRAC in form of Cheque or DD. Payment in cash will not be entertained. And submit it to president secretariats.

13. Any members of FHRAC can apply application to president secretariats for funds required for any work of FHRAC.